Product Lines

Urban Flora offers a large selection of high quality Tropical Plants, flowers as well as decorative containers, silk plants, and Christmas displays.



New installations can be purchased or rented depending on your needs.  We provide a wide selection of decorative containers including custom designed pieces. Tropical plants ranging in size from a 6” to full-size mature specimens.


The installation is purchased and owned by client.  Weekly guaranteed maintenance may be added for a monthly fee.

The installation is rented and paid for with a monthly rental fee. Guaranteed maintenance is included. Short term rental can vary from one day to one week.

Guaranteed Maintenance

Our service (starts at $50.00 Per Month) includes weekly maintenance to ensure that all of their needs are met and that plants are attractive, clean, well pruned and free from pests.  Also included is Guaranteed Replacement, we will replace any plant at no additional cost should it decline or become unattractive.

Bloom Rotation

Our blooming plant program assures that you will always have a beautiful flowering or colorful plant that is exchanged as the bloom fades.  Most flowering plants only provide peak color for a few weeks at a time. Standard ($15.00 ea) programs consist of twenty-six rotations per year, or a change every two weeks, or custom programs using more exotic flowers such as orchids or bromeliads that provide a special touch to make your interior landscape unique.

Weekly Cut Flower Arrangements

Your reception desk will never look better than it will with a live floral arrangement.  Our arrangements are changed weekly to provide your facilities with a constant flow of season cut flowers in stunning designs.

Funeral Arrangements

Our selection of Funeral Arrangements is carefully designed by expert florists, and includes traditional flowers for the funeral service, as well as more contemporary styled selections. As always, if you are unsure about what flowers to order to express your sympathies, please contact us at 1-421-1148

Silk and Preserved

As interior landscape professionals, we must point our that not all conditions are suitable to support live plants.  In those instances it may be appropriate to make use of alternate materials.  We respect and value our live plants and feel that it is inappropriate to purposely set them up for an early decline in an unsuitable environment.  We rent and sell silk and preserved plants for your interior landscape.

Seasonal Display

We custom design, install, and maintain seasonal displays such as wreaths, garland, Christmas trees, and poinsettias.  Our design consultants will visit your facility to determine how we may best serve your needs.  

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